Why Claimatic®
Whether you are managing your day-to-day claims process or working a catastrophic event, Claimatic® believes that there is a better way to dealing with a cumbersome and outdated workflow, a constrained workforce, a shortage of independent adjusters, or managing high volumes of claims. The insurance industry can no longer just throw more bodies into a problem and hope that the process gets smarter and more efficient. Claimatic® believes we must change to become more efficient; and that efficiency comes with technology.

Claimatic® analyzes your claims data and balances workload, reduces costs and fraud risk, improves claims handling performance, and builds models to best utilize your resources by placing the right adjusters in the right places no matter the amount of resources you have or the turns an event makes.


At its core, Claimatic® is a cloud-hosted, multi-tenant SaaS insurance claims workflow management platform incorporating an intelligent, real-time, Claim-to-Resource matching assignment algorithm that efficiently streamlines and dynamically automates insurance claims intake, triage, evaluation and assignment. Significantly, Claimatic® seamlessly “plugs into,” integrates with, and augments an insurer’s existing Policy, Claims, Finance, and HR systems in real-time with bidirectional data exchange, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming upfront systems reconfiguration.


Our technology helps your company to adapt to change to be more efficient and more automated.  Our goal is to help you increase retention, reduce churn, and build efficiencies. We don’t want to change how you do business, we want to help you become more efficient by optimizing the utilization of your resources.


Intelligent Claims Assignment Engine

Claimatic’s industry-leading intelligent claim-to-adjuster assignment algorithm automatically and instantaneously allocates incoming insurance claims to the optimal internal and external claims management resources. Based on real-time, dynamic, location-based data, it takes into consideration the resources’ qualifications, experience, and license status as well as its capacity and availability.

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