Claimatic’s industry-leading intelligent claim-to-adjuster assignment solution automatically and instantaneously assigns claims to the optimal internal or external claims management resources. Using real-time, dynamic data, it optimizes that assignment decision by matching the location and type of loss with the resources’ qualifications, experience, license status, current location, capacity and availability.


Property and Casualty

Instead of being locked into a single configuration, modify the system as business needs change, using this highly flexible, intuitive, integrated and scalable application. Claimatic implementation is simple, requiring limited resources – plugging into existing client systems.



Avoid misassignment of claims to non-licensed personnel while at the same time looking for the most qualified, nearby resource and giving customers a better match not only on distance, also by peril. Utilizes licensing and telemetry functionality to improve workload balancing for adjusters.



Overlay pif count on top of storm concentration. Ability to drop adjusters on the map and assign them a user capacity and CAT radius until complete coverage is achieved. Based on machine rules, adjusters are continuously deployed automatically.




Intelligent Claims Assignment

Upon first notice of loss (FNOL), claims are instantly assigned to adjusters with the prerequisite experience, current licenses, availability, and capacity.


Capacity Optimization

Staff workloads are dynamically optimized using daily/weekly/monthly claim handling limits and availability of adjusters derived from the carriers scheduling systems.


Fraud Detection

Using client-defined rules at FNOL, Claimatic instantly triggers alerts to fraud units for further scrutiny.


Advanced Analytics

Claimatic’s automated management report highlights claims distribution efficiency and internal workforce versus external vendor assignment distribution.


License Management

Manage and view all live/expired licenses and use push notifications to Initiate license renewal.


Cat Pre-Staging & Claims Clustering

With proactive pre-positioning of adjusters, claims are subsequently automatically routed to appropriate adjusters without further manual action. CAT pre-staging and claims clustering automatically results in route optimization.


Adjuster Mobile App

Claimatic tracks adjuster locations in real-time, while simultaneously checking their availability, capacity, and license status to ensure optimal match within seconds of claim receipt