Claimatic is a patent-pending, cloud-based, SaaS plug-in technology that streamlines and automates claims distribution to optimal resources based on real-time, dynamic data. Claimatic seamlessly integrates with your existing claims and human resource systems to intelligently distribute claims to the right internal and external resources, instantly and consistently.


Claimatic empowers your organization to work smarter resulting in improved operational efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction.



Automatically routes claims from FNOL to multiple internal and external resources as determined by your company’s business logic. Evaluates resources’ schedules to start and stop assignments relative to workload, availability, licensing and more. Increases accurate assignment of resources improving productivity and efficiency of the overall claims handling process.


Processes the assignment of thousands of claims in seconds, not hours. Quick claim response time improves customer satisfaction. Works around the clock to ensure claims are assigned and routed to the right resources. Scalable and smart able to handle an unlimited number of claims. Transparent flow of communication between internal and external resources and insureds.


SaaS, plug-in application allows for seamless communication between your existing software systems. Rules-based assignment engine is built on your business logic. Minimal training and maintenance required as Claimatic works in the background empowering intelligent resource assignments.


  • Eliminates manual errors, cumbersome processes and reduces risk when assigning claims.
  • Automatically matches adjuster location, skills, licenses, qualifications and certifications to the right claims.
  • Proactively manages licensing and compliance by sending automatic alerts.
  • Automatically sends claim status updates to appropriate internal personnel, external personnel and insureds.
  • Users are easily able to make manual assignments outside the algorithm for delicate or high-priority claims.

  • Provides powerful predictive analytical tools using historical data allowing for continuous improvement of claims distribution and management.

  • A catastrophe doesn’t wait for business hours. Claimatic automatically tracks and manages contractor availability and claim capacity to maximize resource utilization constantly and consistently.

  • Works on any device, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • As a SaaS solution, you don’t have to buy expensive servers or worry about data security.

  • Addresses known inefficiencies and organizational bottlenecks associated with manually assigning claims.
  • Automatically distributes optimal resources to claims by using real-time data and user-defined logic to streamline manual processes.
  • Reduces time and cost per claim.
  • Reduces Litigation Expenses and indemnity.
  • Improves efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Automatically sends claim status updates to appropriate internal personnel, external personnel and insureds.
  • Automatically assigns claims to multiple parties.
  • Facilitates transparency throughout the organization.

  • Acts as a turnkey automated resource assignment solution enhancing your existing claims management software system.
  • Features seamless, bi-directional data flow between Claimatic and other systems.
  • Allows users to easily manage daily and catastrophe claims during periods of increased volume.