Claimatic Weekly Picks – Curated Insurtech Content #2

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Here’s what we’re reading this week.

The CIO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Claimatic Weekly Picks - Curated Insurtech Content

“When a company realized that up to 30% of calls it received were from customers asking about order status, its leadership wanted to know if artificial intelligence (AI) would be able to help manage the interactions. The short answer was yes, a virtual customer assistant could answer questions ranging from “Where is my order” to “How long will I have to wait?” But the bigger question was if AI could help the company in even more impactful ways.”


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Insurtech: Refocus on underserved elements of the insurance value chain to unlock growthClaimatic Weekly Picks - Curated Insurtech Content

“The key starting point is to inspect the insurance value chain and assess whether insurtech is appropriately leveraged across the operation to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. The evidence suggests that a refocus towards areas of the value chain underserved by insurtech initiatives will bring about the innovative behaviours needed to meet growing demand for a new degree of customer relevance.”


26 digital insurance innovators to watch

Claimatic Weekly Picks - Curated Insurtech Content

“Transformation of the insurance industry is continuing at a rapid rate, with new technologies being adopted across the value chain every day. Last year saw increased deployment of artificial intelligence, drone technology, biometrics and blockchain, just to name a few. And 2018 shows no signs of slowing down with new product launches that take into account what’s truly possible from advanced digital tech.”


CIOs need to play evangelist role for automation, AI

Claimatic Weekly Picks - Curated Insurtech Content

“CIOs and other digital leaders need to think about automation, AI and robotics in terms of the business model of the company and applying those technologies to a business-model problem, which is a little bit different than the optimization problems that they’ve been [addressing] in the past.”



What if Amazon Entered Insurance?

Claimatic Weekly Picks - Curated Insurtech Content

“What does it mean for Amazon to enter the insurance industry? How will Amazon the Insurer change the ways that property and casualty insurance customers purchase coverage? And how can insurers respond to the change on the horizon?”



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