Claimatic Weekly Picks – Curated Insurtech Content #1

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Here’s a sampling of what we’re reading this week.

Robotics: speeding up our internal processes for faster customer delivery

Curated Industry Content April 24-30

“RPA allows our people to focus on more value-added activities, which means improved service delivery and greater job satisfaction…it also allows them to further refine the process, giving them new opportunities and activities to engage in.”

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Robotic Process Automation in insurance. How is it different from its predecessors?

Curated Industry Content April 24-30

“Robotic Process Automation is one of the insurance industry’s biggest technology-based opportunities. As part of insurers’ innovation strategies, RPA can help safeguard return on investment while maintaining focus on business goals.” –Baskar Sridharan



Opinion Is insurtech maturing? It’s hard to tell

Curated Industry Content April 24-30

“I see elements of both maturity and immaturity present in the insurtech startup movement. What we may see is a bifurcation, with a subset of firms producing results, gaining significant funding, and making a measurable impact on the industry. In the meantime, there will be a second (larger) group of startups still looking for that big win, that big funding round, and the momentum to move them into the winner’s circle.” –Mark Breading


2018 Commercial Lines Projects: Top 5 Themes

Curated Industry Content April 24-30“Insurers are starting to invest in and around direct-to-customer with pure technology investments to support websites, customer communication, and enterprise content management, all of which have direct ties to digital strategies and core system replacements.” –Deb Smallwood


Defining the insurance company of the future

“The industry is braced for and absorbing a wave of new technologies which broadly sit under the umbrella of InsurTech. It’s a surge of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality, and blockchain, which are converging with Internet of Things (IoT) data and sophisticated analytics and data sciences.” –Amit Patil


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