Real-Time Dynamic Data Allows Insurers to Assign Insurance Claims Automatically and Intelligently

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SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Claimatic, an industry-leading provider of automated claims solutions, today announced the latest version of the company’s SaaS automation solution that reflects significant enhancements to its claims assignment optimization and advanced mapping features. Claimatic is a “bolt-on-brain” for claims workflow technology that makes existing insurer systems smarter, more valuable and more productive. Deployment requires minimal IT resources and affords claims managers full control when assigning claims to field resources, reducing time and effort to remediation.


Even in the most modern integrated claims management systems, assigning claims to adjusters and other resources is an intensely manual and inconsistent process resulting in deployments made without consideration of an adjuster’s skills, licenses, proximity, capacity or availability. As a result, long delays between FNOL (first notice of loss), claims assignment and ultimate resolution can occur, especially during catastrophic events, causing dissatisfied customers and a high policy-turnover rate. Part of the problem is due to lack of locational awareness or intelligent placement of resources with electronic geo-fenced territories that can drastically reduce windshield time, increasing productivity while reducing costs.


“Our work with some of the largest carriers in the US has proven that the tasks required to match and assign claims to all the necessary resources remain largely manual, creating significant friction and increased productivity costs,” said Larry Cochran, Claimatic’s CEO and Founder. “Claimatic is the first and only seamlessly integrated solution that alleviates the pains insurance carriers face when assigning resources by removing up to 22 out of 24 manual tasks per claim. As a plug-in SaaS solution that enhances carriers’ existing systems and processes in days, not months or years, Claimatic is garnering overwhelming support from some of the most sophisticated insurers in the US for its innovative, agile and robust automation features.”


Claimatic’s state-of-the-art, embedded mapping capabilities are unique to the industry. With breakthrough custom polygonal territories, Claimatic users can create and assign resources to electronic fenced geographic areas that collectively resemble a jigsaw puzzle. Organizing territories in this manner optimizes resource utilization by intelligently considering drive time and natural or man-made barriers that accurately reflect the real-life boundaries and borders of a territory. In dense PIF (policies in force) areas, this can virtually eliminate the need for route optimization software as adjusters will never have far to go to their next assignment.


Claimatic is exponentially impactful during catastrophic events such as hurricanes or forest fires when insurance claims processes become overwhelmed and require teams of CAT adjusters to be deployed to affected areas for additional support. Enhanced CAT deployment features can quickly assign resources to new territories, while reflecting relevant parameters such as qualifications, availability, and capacity constraints, making it easier than ever to intelligently pre-position adjusters, en masse throughout the disaster zone.


Implementing Claimatic into a claims assignment workflow assures assignment decisions that are more efficient, consistent, and compliant to regulations, all while increasing overall policy holder satisfaction.


About Claimatic:

Claimatic is an industry-leading automation solution for claims assignment that makes existing systems smarter, more valuable and more productive. The software utilizes real-time, dynamic data, including location, license or certification status, and calendar availability of adjusters to efficiently assign claims to the right resources in seconds, reducing the claims cycle by days. Designed to enhance, not replace, existing technology, Claimatic can begin to have a positive impact on a carrier’s workflow in as little as 60 days.


Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, insurtech innovator Claimatic was named a 2018 Insurance Times Claims finalist in Claims Technology Solution of the Year – Insurer.



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