Tech Talk – December

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It’s almost the end of the year: everyone has vacation days to burn and most folks are teetering fairly close to the edge of a full mental checkout until 2022. The last thing I want to do is interrupt anyone’s well-orchestrated holiday chaos (managing my own over here), so I’ll end this year on a light note. 

We’ve covered a lot of ground together this year . . . mastering data management, prepping for your first AI/ML project, sourcing tech talent in a demanding market, and more. Was it helpful? 

As I write this, I imagine you as the insurance leaders I talk with in my day-to-day life inside an insurtech startup. Most of them lean more to the business side than the tech side, but I notice they are steadily gaining a deeper understanding of new, disruptive tech because that’s what gives their business an edge. Rather than talking through the concepts of particular capabilities, discussions now trend more towards how and when to apply them.

We get your follow-up questions from the blog, and those are always a nice piece of validation. Last month, I even learned that one company created a new job role after reading July’s Tech Talk, and I felt that amazing adrenaline surge shared across all customer-oriented operational leaders . . . I HELPED SOMEBODY!!!

I want more moments like that. So, for 2022, let’s get interactive. The stats tell me most of you are reading the whole thing all the way to the bottom (thank you!), so let me know what you’d like to explore together in 2022. We can keep it on the business side or delve into the technical weeds; I’m happy in either space as long as the topic is of assistance to you in propelling your business forward.

Email us your thoughts! 


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