Supercharge your claims environment intelligently with Claimatic ™

Game-changing claims automation and management software that transforms the way resources and claims are handled in today’s fast-paced insurance environment.

Claimatic for Insurers

Patent pending SaaS plug-in technology that integrates with your existing claims management software system to automatically assign the best available managers, field adjusters and vendors to handle your claims based on real-time dynamic data such as availability, location, capacity, licenses and more. Claimatic’s rules-based algorithm engine is customized to your business logic and works 24/7/365 maximizing resource utilization. Unlike most claims systems, Claimatic provides powerful predictive analytical tools using historical data, allowing for continuous improvement of claims distribution.

Claimatic ICM for Insurer Vendors

A comprehensive, full-featured claims management solution for IAs, MGAs, TPAs and self-insured companies that streamlines, manages and automates the claims handling process from first notice of loss to close. Claimatic ICM consolidates claims operations so that you have a centralized, organized and transparent view of your information every step of the way.


Claimatic assigns claims instantly and utilizes your resources powerfully with access to historical data. Claimatic is working with the top 20 insurance carriers and rapidly growing property and casualty agencies to automate thousands of claims and streamline workflow. Find out how we can help you too!


Solved: Assigning claims to resources whose licenses have expired or don’t have the required license to process the claim.

Solved: Losing valuable time due to FNOL being reported after business hours, on weekends, holidays or PTO.

Solved: Confusion and frustration due to lack of communication between insureds, contractors and vendors.

Solved: Using cumbersome spreadsheets for fast changing resource scheduling.

Solved: Unable to easily find the right resource for the right job as per skill, location and availability.

Solved: Unable to accurately forecast resource requirements ahead of time in a dynamically changing claims environment.

Solved: Unable to take corrective action due to outdated reporting and obscure business intelligence.

Solved: Lack of visibility and under utilization of qualified claims adjusters.

Solved: Having a software solution that doesn’t integrate seamlessly with the existing tools you use to manage business information such as your claims management system, accounting system, human resource system, etc.


Intelligent, automated resource management software for claims


Claims don’t wait for business hours. Claimatic works nights, weekends and holidays without complaining or overtime, automatically assigning claims and maximizing resources.



Web-based and mobile friendly, Claimatic works anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection. Because it’s a SaaS, you won’t have to purchase expensive servers or worry about data security.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Unlike most claims systems, Claimatic provides powerful predictive analytical tools using historical data allowing for continuous improvement of claims distribution and management.

Flexible Integration

Flexible Integration

Easily integrates with third-party vendors such as QuickBooks, Symbility, electronic document signatures, SMS text messaging and Google Maps.


An Uber for Claims

A first-of-its-kind, automated field dispatch mobile application that tracks adjusters, contractors and other mobile field resources in real time to identify who is closest to the claim, available and has the proper credentials to handle the claim.

By automating the process of connecting claims directly to mobile and available claims resources, insureds can see adjusters or other field resources to help resolve their claim in minutes or hours vs. days.

Claimatic Mobile can be downloaded for free from the App Store.