four for the week – vol 7

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Welcome to the seventh edition of Four For the Week (44TW)! To look through past editions, feel free to view our blog. We’re bringing you an insightful crisis leadership article from McKinsey this week, followed by a hot take from Carrier Management on changes that just might be here to stay in the industry. Next we’ve got the hottest (virtual) conference around for you to take a look at, & sign up for if you’re interested. Finally, we’ll close it out with some tips for those of you who are currently taking those first steps towards transitioning back to working from the office. Enjoy!

Technology & Connectedness

Denis Connolly, VP, Corporate Development

mckinsey articleThis article is part of a series Leadership in a crisis: Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges. It draws together McKinsey’s collective thinking and expertise on five behaviors to help leaders navigate the pandemic and recovery. Separate articles describe organizing via a network of teams; displaying deliberate calm and bounded optimism; making decisions amid uncertainty; and communicating effectively.

Strategy & Innovation

Claimatic Team

More than any human, COVID-19 is driving a digital transformation of the insurance industry. Everything about the way the industry has traditionally worked is under challenge due to the quarantine, and it will never be the same again. Below are eight changes that will likely become permanent within the insurance industry as a result of COVID-19.

Technology & Connectedness

Denis Connolly, VP, Corporate Development

The insurance industry is built to help people when they are in need, and only the claims organization makes that possible. Now, the world faces a unique challenge – and customers need more support than ever before.

It has never been more important for the industry to come together and discover how we can unlock the full potential of each and every claims organization. Now is the time to share, inspire and lead as we strive to support society in this difficult time.

Which is why Insurance Nexus and Reuters Events are bringing you Connected Claims USA Virtual – to provide the platform for the industry to work together. Join Chief Claims Officers, thought leaders and 10,000 of your peers to be there for your customers when they need you most.

Technology & Connectedness

Claimatic Team

back to work graphicPeople are wired to be with other people: our colleagues, our friends. And our facilities reflect that idea. Specifically, at work, proximity promotes trust, and trust creates the social capital that’s needed for collaboration. That capital must be created and periodically rekindled, and this is particularly true for new employees who need to find their place in the enterprise network. It is also true of younger employees because the workplace is a big part of their social network.

Claimatic is the first dedicated decisioning solution for insurance claims routing and assignment for the enterprise. We believe we stand alone in offering the platform, and administrative tools to quickly configure, deploy and manage the routing and assignment of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of claims at once, while supporting the unique processes and rules for your business.
Customers choose us as a partner because we offer the only open, low TCO solution to meet their needs, regardless of Insurance Claims Management software platforms. We work across platforms and enterprise systems, information sources and software languages in use within the enterprise and across our customers’ partner networks. Our technology supports hundreds of factors involved in claim decisioning, thousands of entities involved in claims resolution, and millions of claims cases, all within a single deployment.
Customers who partner with Claimatic acquire significant advantages from working with a company that has focused exclusively on this set of challenges since day one – the product they need, and the results they want— the right resource, assigned to the right claim, at the right time.
Wes Bright, Product Leader
Wes Bright, Product Leader


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